Thursday, February 4, 2010

It probably is a good idea to take the train, Sir,

as the pickup is quite likely to have problems.I went past the rail ayrd and there were a number of empty boxcars, so accomodations should be no problem.
We JUMP, Sir?...Oh, dear!
A Russian ship has pulled into port, Sir...You know about that already? The political officer?... You put what in his drink?...Sir, How about tattooing the the Stars and Stripes AND the Union Jack on him?
Outer Mongolia, Sir? How far is that from the Lefty Davis cabin out on Cape Chitka?
I don't think this is one of your better ideas, Sir.

Sir, I have done the best I can to remain civilized in this God forsaken place.On the other hand, I must confess to the immense satisfaction I received upon punching that little savage in the mouth.
Good morning, Sir. I see you're covered with glitter and smell like inexpensive perfume. Perhaps you require the services of Jim Beam to compliment your morning coffee.

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