Monday, February 1, 2010

You what?

Well, it's certainly a good thing you didn't get caught,Sir.

Yes, he did turn water into wine, Sir. That would certainly be an interesting skill to have here, now, wouldn't it?
Yes, you! I was certainly not addressing some cartoon character, Sir.
Not now, Sir. As you say, they get more generous after dark.
Sir, I found a short length of ladder at the sanitary landfill and I have taken the liberty of hiding it behind Miss Cheryl's shrubbery. Frankly, I'm getting tired of having you stand on my shoulders to climb in her rear window.

The barman at the Ship's Wheel mentioned that he considered you one of his favorites, Sir.He said you always had enough money for beer, but none for cocaine.
Having watched the crewmen of Sandy May the other night, I'd have to agree with him.
Well, Sir, Our financial tables may be in for an upsurge,as that native chap you buy a beer for occasionally told me to inform you that scrap metal prices are on the rise.

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