Monday, January 25, 2010

Ahhh, we’re making wine today? Sir,

I see a five gallon water cooler bottle, 5 pounds of sugar, three packages of yeast and a condom. To the vineyard, Sir?... Oh…Three cans of concentrated grape juice? Thank God! For a second you frightened me. I had visions of Lucille Ball and Vivian Vance barefoot in a vat of grapes.

Sir, I realize that this is none of my business, but I often thought you should have sought out employment on one of the fishing boats. This morning I realized that you live somewhat better than most of the fishermen without exposing yourself to considerable risk and a lot more trouble.

That sounds excellent, Sir, and you are absolutely correct. Venison, King crab, halibut, scallops and salmon does get tiring. A cheeseburger at the diner sounds most superb.

Sir, I did not graduate from a prestigious school of the butler arts by being so foolish as to jump out of a perfectly good airplane…

6 hours later: “Geronimo!”
Sir, you don’t intend to butcher that animal with a reciprocating saw… Oh… Well at least it won’t make as big a mess as the circular saw did last month.

Why are you carrying that chain saw? We certainly do not need any more fire wood… You say that McAdams character owes you how much money? Well, it certainly looks like you’ll collect it, Sir!

That woman that works at the pizza palace came by and dropped off a pizza and six bottles of beer. It was certainly very nice of her…Oh. I see, Sir. That was for me? Why, thank you. That was gracious… You’ll see me tomorrow?

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