Wednesday, January 20, 2010

I'm quite impressed, Sir.

You fixed the starter in the pickup! Now we don’t have to find a hill to park on everywhere we go.


Sir, I have most ghastly news. The barman at the Ship’s Wheel informed me that Lisa Gale went down with all hands… Yes, Sir. I understand you knew the entire crew…I can certainly see why you feel like a fugitive from the law of averages, Sir.


Uh, Sir, the started you rebuilt just failed…Go into the bar and round up the usual chaps? Which bar?… The nearest one? Yes, Sir.


That man has the most ghastly odor about him, his coveralls smell like over ripe fish. What? You say that in this town that is what money smell like? I see, Sir.


That greasy little thug that keeps trying to pick a fight with you seems to have passed out. What? Get the pickup, you say? ...You can’t be serious, we’re not giving him a ride home…Oh, I see…The rail yard?... The box car?... Manitoba? I’ll get the pickup immediately, Sir!


That was quite a nasty spill you took, Sir. You what? Well, I’m certainly glad for your sake that you had the presence of mind to land on your head.


You call this stew Texas jailhouse chili?... Great Scott! It most certainly appears I won’t need sinus medication for a while!


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