Friday, January 15, 2010

piccolo's butler

Brooks Brothers suit, Sir? Oh, that's what you call that 'gently worn' pair of jeans and flannel shirt you bought at the Salvation Army thrift store.

Sir, I'm quite impressed to hear you have vetenary skill, but I fear I can not find the 'bear medicine' you sent me to get. I've searched all the cupboards and see nothing appropriately labeled as such...The what, Sir? The .375 H&H? I presume you are referring to that rather large rifle you keep next to the door, Sir.

Sir, I believe Sir Winston Churchill was right when he said 'Two peoples seperated by a common language".


Sir, wasn't that quite a prominant citizen you embarrassed? Oh, I see. You say you won't have to buy a drink for two weeks? I don't understand. Ahhh.... I see, Sir. The natives don't care very much for him.

Yes, sir, she really is quite an eyeful. I believe the term you used to describe her twin sister was along the lines of 'constructed like an adobe loo', Sir.

The daily hash has been posted:


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