Sunday, January 17, 2010

Isn’t that taking a rather unfair advantage

of other people’s misfortunes, Sir? I see… You’re quite right, Sir. I never considered it in that light. Why that is EXACTLY what the majority of Harvard Law School graduates do!


This could lead to blows, Sir.


Having no electricity certainly does make the women considerably more attractive, Sir.


Oh, Dear! You have ruined your good suit of clothes! Tomorrow morning I shall go straight to the thrift store and purchase another pair of ‘gently used’ blue jeans and a complimentary matching flannel shirt, Sir.


I seem to have observed that your set of army surplus stainless steel dinnerware is far more practical than bone china, Sir.


I see the fire department is conducting a pressure test of the hydrants today… Free car wash? Excellent idea, Sir. The pickup can certainly use it.


Your financial advisor says ‘sell’? I’ll load the empty aluminum beer cans into the pickup at once, Sir!


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