Wednesday, January 13, 2010

The beginnings of the butler

are explained on my other blog, Piccolo's Hash.

The butler ancedotes in the hash came from something in my somewhat checkered history.

Here's a link.

The link will briefly explain where my butler came from.

I have also decided to rename him 'Reginald'

With no further ado, I will begin posting things Reginald said during his year of service to me.


Sir, this is a culinary masterpiece! It's absolutely delicious! Why is it called 'Road Kill Stew"?...Oh.


You don't seem to be drinking very much tonight, Sir...Yes, I noticed the locals putting out their rubbish tins on out way home. What? Sidewalk shopping,you call it? ... I shall certainly see you are up before the rubbish is removed, Sir, as there are doubtlessly a few things we can use.


Is this a state or Federal level offence, Sir?


Egad, Sir! You scaled that stripling tree like a cat!....Uh, Sir? Does this have anything to do with that rather large brown animal headed in this direction?

Sir, you DID appear to have a rather entertaining time last evening..... This morning several of the chaps were laughing about wearing that woman's panties while traipsing about in the gentleman's club...Yes...You don't remember very much of it? I see, Sir...While, the chaps downtown made it sound like, uh, rather deviant behaviour on your part, Sir, but I think I managed to clear it up a bit when I explained that you were actually wearing her knickers on your head, Sir.



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