Saturday, January 23, 2010

It just occurred to me

that we are watching television by candle light. It’s almost like that Edison chap had never been born, Sir.

Dear Lord, Sir! There are more fish here than we possibly need…Call the chaps and tell them we’re having a ‘fish fry’ tonight? They’ll bring the beer? Outstanding, as you just finished the last one we had with your breakfast.

Sir, there’s someone sleeping in the pickup that I do not recognize…Yes, Sir. The ditch. Do let me help you.

At first, I thought it to be most savage when you shot that poor, defenseless animal, Sir. However, I do now confess to looking forward to an excellent series of repasts.

Sir, a rock must have punctured the muffler on the pickup…a coffee can and wire? Immediately, Sir.


Sir, I checked with the barman at the Ship’s Wheel, and he told me that that little savage that we put on the freight train has returned from Manitoba… Certainly, Sir. I’ll check the rail yards daily… Montreal, it is.

Keep two paper bags accessible, Sir? One for you in case hers falls off? I don’t quite understand…Oh.


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