Thursday, January 21, 2010

Yes, I do see who

is headed into that portable loo, Sir. It’s that little insufferable savage that has made trouble with us for quite some time…What? ...Wait until he is comfortable seated on the throne? … We lift from the back so the whole thing lands on the door? Why, he’ll have a devil of a time getting out! …Right, Sir. Then we won’t have to run… I see... On ‘3’ we lift smartly… Do lift with your legs, Sir, as I would hate to see you injure your back.

That was quite gracious, Sir.

Uh, By ‘shampoo’, Sir, are you referring to the liquid dish soap or the cudgel next to it?

The constable stopped across the street, Sir…sir…sir…SIR! I swear he was here a minute ago…

Oh, Lord. It looks like you will again be washing your hands in petrol, on the other hand, it’s rather nice driving a truck with brakes for a change.

Yes, Sir, it DOES work, I’ll say that.

Fishing tackle, Sir? But the box is clearly marked as containing explosives! In the truck? Under the tarp? At once, Sir.
When this year is up, Sir, I’m going to see if that Indiana Jones chap can use my services. Lord knows, working for most anyone else will be quite boring after my year with you. On the other hand, it WOULD be considerably safer.

I must he the only butler in my class that puts on a fresh set of coveralls to receive guests.

That redheaded lass, Sir…What do you mean? I cannot possibly comprehend how a freight train can take a dirt road…Oh.
As you are so fond of saying, Sir, That ought to fix his rotten little arse.

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  1. "Uh, By ‘shampoo’, Sir, are you referring to the liquid dish soap or the cudgel next to it?"

    LOL. My favorite line.