Monday, January 18, 2010

I notice you are very kind to the unfortunate, Sir...

… You are absolutely right. They most certainly ARE the ones you will meet again if you reach the top and then fall to the bottom.

Sir, I have just returned from town, Sir. The barman at the Ships Wheel told me to inform you that the fishing fleet is at sea, there are a considerable amount of women out and about and that South Sea Island chap has been returned to what he referred to as ‘the booby hatch’. It looks to me like the table is set, so to speak.


On top of that, those homeless people do wonderful job of keeping you posted on the affairs of the town. You have missed your true calling. You should have been an MI-5…ahem.. CIA operative, Sir.


Sir, I asked the barman who the town drunk was and he explained that there was no one town drunk. You all take turns. Judging from the way you downed those last four cocktails, Sir, am I to assume that tonight you are taking your turn?

Good God, Sir!


That’s the last of the elk, Sir? I’ll admit it was a trifle tiring, Sir. However, it has made me grateful there are no elephants here.


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